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PEARL Ministries Inc. believes in a holistic approach when educating children in the Rochester City School District and beyond. PEARL's tutoring service will provide academic support in all core content areas with an emphasis on basic skill sets improvement in the areas of ELA and Mathematics.  Grade levels K-12 will receive academic support by highly qualified tutors.  In addition, all ESOL, ELL and LEP,  students will receive tutoring services. Qualified teachers will provide student center instruction using best practice teaching strategies in small group settings, one-to-one, field studies, demonstrations, and life skills after school programs.  State-of-the art technology including Ipads, computers,and Smartboards will be utilized when delivering instruction.  PEARL Ministries’ emphasis has remained on building PEARL'S students basic math and ELA skill sets outside of the school day.  It is imperative that our service remains flexible in adapting to curriculum and teaching models utilized by each school in the District. We currently have ongoing working relationships with the  Department of Human Services, the FACT Team, Child Protective Services, Youth Services Quality Council, Food Link, Youth Advocacy, Charles Settlement House, Teen/Family Courts, Anthony Jordon Center, Rochester Educational Opportunity Center,Emergency Foster Care, and we are a current a member of the Mental Health Association. PEARL Ministries Inc.’s headquarters located at 215 Tremont Street, provides  an environment that is conducive to our students’ educational successes as well as a safe place to accommodate the entire family - (Libraries, recreational centers, community centers, churches). PEARL Ministries Inc. provides employee-related training sessions four times during the school year.  We will maintain an ongoing dialogue with our teachers to ensure they continue on their life-long learning endeavors through the RCSD as well any outside professional development opportunities. Because we do believe in a holistic approach to each child’s educational experience, not everything can be measured quantitatively.  We teach our children to be resourceful and resilient in their daily lives.  Strong, nurturing and personalized relationships between PEARL Ministries’ staff and the students and their families has contributed to student achievement. Through home visits, ongoing conversations, students who have returned for their second year of tutoring and the willingness of our students to seek out our assistance with many issues faced beyond the academic arena, we have a strong belief that we have had a positive impact on our students’ lives. Staff is required to attend professional development, orientation, fill out necessary documentation, completion of tutoring session objective sheets, submitted learning plans, maintaining of student folders, announced as well as unannounced site visits by the Program Director, Board Member and/or PEARL staff. Interviews will be conducted with parents and students, ongoing communication with the site coordinator as well as the school principal. 

PEARL Ministries Inc.’steachers are directed to use their required knowledge of Common Core Standards to drive the instruction.  Because basic skills knowledge is needed by a population of our students, Read 180, Wilson Reading Program (using SRI scores), and any other established program used by the schools will be utilized by the tutoring staff in addition to student-centered engaged lesson planning and activities. Basic math and ELA skills will be targeted to move students toward grade level ability so that they can be successful.   We will also ensure that our students are prepared to take their Regents exams through Regents prep tutoring in order to fulfill graduation requirements.  PEARL'S highly qualified teachers using their knowledge of the Common Core Standards, best practice teaching strategies and enhancement of basic reading, writing and math skills will support the initiatives established in the District’s Strategic Plan and Common Core Standards.  In working with the administration and staff of schools, we can increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates and increase attendance so that all students are college and career ready. Our highly qualified ESOL, literacy and Special Education teachers will deliver instruction to our Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners. Read 180 as well as System 44 (ELL population) are reading programs where research shows significant gains in students’ reading levels during the school year. In many instances our PEARL tutors are the classroom teachers for our Newcomer and ESOL population. It is imperative that the pre-assessment conducted highlights the individual academic needs of each student, and the appropriate teacher is paired with the right students in order to optimized the tutoring session.  Assessments target levels in reading comprehension, writing and math and the SRI score is also considered. Based on the pre-assessment (diagnostic) results students’ deficiencies are targeted and goals are developed in order to write an individual plan for each student for the school year.  Data collected outside of PEARL Ministries’ data collection will be determined by the individual school based on the requirements and needs of their students.  Results will be shared with staff, administration and parents, as needed. Taken into consideration will be the individual requirements of each school, each students’ academic needs and input from parents, school staff, outside community members as well as internal evaluations conducted with PEARL employees. PEARL Ministries Inc. conducts itself on the premises that we serve all people with dignity, respect and confidentiality. At all times PEARL will endeavor to remain in compliance to Federal, State and District policies, including Title I requirements. Students will be provided with a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning. As a holistic educator, PEARL sometimes deals with all aspects of a student’s life, which requires us to work alongside the families and community agencies when needed.


All tutors are fingerprinted, background checks are conducted and references are provided.   Our tutors are given an orientation. During this time the tutor will be provided with the District’s Education Policy 2160:  Ethics. An overview of specific cultural practices with associated sensitivity training will be provided to PEARL's tutors. The tutor will sign a document stating that all of this information has been covered and understood and it will be filed in his/her personnel folder.  As we are entering our third year of tutoring, there is a strong, personal relationship with PEARL's tutoring staff.  This enforces the integrity of our product. Supervision and observations will be done on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are always in compliance and delivering a state-of-the art program.


Pearl Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit 501 c 3 non-profit

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