Pearl Ministries Inc.

Founder of Pearl Ministries Inc.

Dr. Rita Carol Gaither, PhD

     Rita Carol Gaither came into the world with a bang, born on the 4th of July. That day her parents were seeing double for the second time in 15 months.  In the unassuming city of Rome, New York, the Dixon family had been blessed with two sets of twins.  Having been exposed to family alcoholism and its tragic repercussions, she had a choice to make.  Would she succumb to the devastation or would she survive?  Dr. Gaither refused to carry the burden of shame; instead, she would teach others how to overcome.  Dr. Gaither has taken this philosophy throughout the world. Through conferences, workshops, networking, partnering, motivational speaking, and genuine quest for maximizing life; she has become a recognized force. Dr. Gaither is married to her childhood sweetheart, Ronald, and is the mother of three adult children Devon, Tiffany and Brandon. Dr. Gaither has earned numerous degrees including her Doctoral degree in Leadership and Counseling. Out of a desperate need, Dr. Gaither created PEARL Ministries Inc.,  a non- profit 501c3 organization.  PEARL is devoted to raising awareness of stress and anxiety.  Through various initiatives, recipients of Pearl Ministries numerous services and programs are encouraged to fulfill their God given purpose and maximize their potential.  Amazingly, Dr. Gaither also works for the Rochester City School District and serves long and short term students who have been suspended from their home schools. She also assists students who struggle with school attendance and connects families to valuable community resources. As a true advocate for mankind.  Dr. Gaither will continue to embark on new projects that promote freedom and deliverance for people everywhere.

Pearl Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit 501 c 3 non-profit

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